shopping for the soul.



{via susannah conway}

i’ve definitely been spending a bit of m0ney lately, but i can justify every last purchase, for they are all to nourish my soul. i’ve signed up for several classes (gosh, i love school where you just get to take classes that you love): photography, exploring the senses, and a baking class.


and, for fun, i purchased a polaroid camera. yes, i know that polaroid film was supposed to be dead. but thanks to the impossible project, i can have loads of fun with this vintage find (via retro-ology’s etsy shop).



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2 responses to “shopping for the soul.

  1. I would love to take a baking class. oh and the camera I wouldnt mind having that too.

  2. nkp

    I love your Polaroid purchase. I’ve been holding out for one of these myself. And I’m so glad I happened upon your blog today, it’s lovely!

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