i need a girl BAD. {and some bad news}


my friend miranda nicole is pregnant with a little girl, so, yay for me! i can now indulge all my needs to buy little girl clothes. i bought this adorable onesie from plum tree studio. thanks, dana!


unfortunately, dana was also the bearer of bad news for me. cookie magazine is now a goner, too. THEN, while searching for the info as to why, i learned that another one of my favorites, gourmet magazine, is also closing. why, oh why, do my favorite mags have to go under???


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2 responses to “i need a girl BAD. {and some bad news}

  1. Miranda

    So, so cute. The bib and onesie are my favorite; can’t wait to dress the baby and take pics for you! 🙂

  2. OH NO! i’m sorry i gave you the good and bad…i’m so happy you like your items! i’m so sad i had to be the one to tell you about cookie….i hate to say it..but i think there is another magazine besides gourment that is going under…i’m not 100% though. thank you again for your order!!

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