fall break.



it’s caught up with me folks. i’ve bit off more than i can chew. i’m 2 weeks late with photography assignments, a new class started for me this week, and although these are two classes that i’m taking for ME, i sort of have a real job to tend to, you know. essays are coming in this week, and i have a unit to plan for the scarlet letter, which is no easy feat. so, i’m taking a bit of a blogging break for a week, which KILLS me, since i love it so, but i’ve had to prioritize BIG TIME.

today i was to post my cooking club attempt, but since it was such an utter disaster (a by-product of doing too much at once), i will save it for next week. it also happens to be my birthday tomorrow, so i’d like to just do as little as possible. period. am enjoying all your lovely fall pictures, and can’t wait to come back!


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3 responses to “fall break.

  1. Happy Birthday!
    i can totally understand and relate to feeling overwhelmed. have a good break.

  2. Miranda

    Have a great break! Happy birthday–forever 21! 🙂

  3. See you when you get back…have a good break. 🙂

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