{bits from} the weekend.


lovely weather. recovering from something (could be a real illness, could just be what i call a “funk”). friday we did see where the wild things are, and j did remarkably well for having to sit through a whole movie. saturday we met a new member of the family, enzo (my family is insane about dogs) and during j’s naptime i caught up with the real housewives of atlanta (no judgment please, it’s just a guilty pleasure). sunday was filled with prayer, lunch out, costco, and, wonder among all wonders, reading for pleasure on the couch. hope your weekend was lovely, too. i’m around this week, so say hi, but i can’t promise i won’t need another break!





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2 responses to “{bits from} the weekend.

  1. Miranda

    Yay, you’re back! LOVE The Real Housewives of Atlanta–isn’t it so funny! 🙂

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend. I just adore the pic of all the shoes piled up, so sweet.

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