{bits from} the weekend.


{our beautiful cat, chelsea. we call her our halloween cat.}

not very exciting, but that suits me just fine. no meltdowns at all. not. one. j was the perfect date on friday night. a visit to ikea for frames was fun for the both of us. j is CRAZY for their  swedish meatballs and had 2 kid-size servings. and kids ate free, not that their food breaks the bank anyway. then a carousel ride at our favorite mall with grandma, dinner for the adults, and home where we cuddled in bed while daddy was at a football game. saturday was spent with mistee and sunday was spent baking and cooking an early thanksgiving meal (andrew and i were salivating the other night planning the holiday and decided that we needed a pre-holiday fix). we are excited for halloween, and best of all, we sign adoption paperwork this week. one. more. step. closer.



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  1. Miranda

    Sounds so wonderful. 🙂 Congrats on the paperwork! Yay!

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