my blog is having a mid-life crisis.

i swear it’s my blog and not me. yes, the big 4-0 is not that far away, but i can’t figure out what to do with this darn blog. i am by no means a regular poster. (“Really?” you’re saying). i just can’t fathom that i have any regular readers so any guilt i have for not posting is short-lived, but my dilemma is often, “what to post?”.

i have a million things swimming in my head. design, fashion, food, adoption, parenting. i envy those blogs that are so FOCUSED. i mean, they know what they are, right? and then…and then… there is the whole blog-naming bit.  when i started life with keiki it was meant to be a blog about our adoption journey, our life with keiki, or kids. keiki seemed fitting since it was different and i have an affinity for all things hawaiian, but then it bugged me. i mean, i don’t even live in hawaii and hardly anyone knows what in the heck “keiki” means. so, shortly after starting said blog, i started keeping a list of blog names. that was over a year ago.

my intent was to jump on over to another blog, but my goodness, how to commit to a blog name? so i never bit the bullet, or got off the pot, or any other cliche you’d like to use. a new year, however, is pushing me to just jump ship from life with keiki.

i also know i want a challenge of some sort, and would like to use a blog to document the challenge. my self-portrait challenge lasted one month. big wow. posting 365 days is just too much to commit to. i know that i want to do a creative challenge of some sort. something with my polaroid? my new holga? sewing? so there i am. a rambling idiot. like i said….having a mid-life crisis. whatever i decide i hope you’ll join me…

i will definitely let you know when and if i move…


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One response to “my blog is having a mid-life crisis.

  1. i can totally relate!! there for awhile i did not post and didnt feel like i had anything to share. felt like it was an obligation to post thing instead of something i wanted to do and mine is random too at times.
    in your case i enjoy reading about your interests, adoption etc. shows all that who do pop by for a visit a ‘glimpse’ of who you are.

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