I teach high school English. I know…crazy. But being around teenagers every day keeps this thirty-something young and hip, you know? I learn the lingo that most people my age have no clue about.

I am married to a very good man that drives me crazy, sometimes in a good way, sometimes not. I like to say that I like my men older and less mature. We have an adorable little boy, J, whom we are fostering currently, and hoping and praying that we may someday be allowed to adopt.

In addition to little J we are the parents to four dogs, one cat, two turtles, and a handful of fish. We live in a little red house in Southern California, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Things I like: sunshine, good reading, cooking and all things domestic, fashion on a budget, and travel.

I started blogging to commiserate with other fost-adopt parents, but have found a little world to indulge all my passions in life. Thus the random blog. And I do have an English degree and WON’T be writing the Great American Novel, so, hey, let’s put it to use somewhere. My disclaimer, however, is that DO NOT expect stellar writing and perfect grammar.

I love that you’re reading this, and I do love all comments and emails.


2 responses to “about.

  1. splendidmishap

    i just searched adoption and found your blog. congrats on soon to be mommy-hood! i was adopted too. read my story “rock that white girl afro” to find out more.


  2. AB

    You need to update that the fish are in the turtles tummies!

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