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some pictures from the last of 2009.


{a day of much-needed rain}

{cookies for santa}

{a visit from santa, of course. apparently he vacations next door. who knew?}

{a huge christmas eve meal with andrew, j, and his kids.}

{and an even bigger meal for christmas.}

{santa brought j a ludwig set. needless to say, he was a very happy boy.}

{santa brought me a few cool gifts, too. needless to say, i was a very happy girl.}

christmas was filled with love, togetherness, and relaxation. and it was beautiful and warm enough to wear flip-flops. we played with all our toys, then spent the day after christmas not fighting the crowds at the mall, but using up our annual passes at the aquarium.

all in all a fabulous christmas. tonight will be very low-key. have a safe and wonderful new year’s eve!


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{image via real simple}

remember i told you to sign up for this class?

if you didn’t i’ll share a little of what i learned to help me focus on what the holidays really mean.

i love this time of year. i love finding the perfect present for someone. i love the lights and decorations, the music, the food, everything that has to do with the holidays. but that doesn’t mean that i don’t get caught up in the materialism, too. this class, among other things that i’ve done lately, helped me to look at what i love about it, so that i could focus more on those things amidst the chaos of doing and buying.

what i value…




Togetherness and Friendship







the next step? incorporating activities that reflect these values. this means making something or doing something. it can little or big. for example, i plan on reading the Christmas story to j. this takes little time but means so much, no?

what do you value this holiday season???

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{bits from} the week.

a few more things i am grateful for…

{a relaxing week off}

{projects completed. thank you again prudent baby!}

{a garden that won’t stop giving. this time it’s bananas…i never, ever thought the tree would really give!}

{baking thanksgiving pies for family. i am grateful that we have food to share with others.}

{a good home. period. but it’s nice to be all decked out for the holidays, too.}

{the means to give presents. and, yes, they are all wrapped and ready to go.}

{my family. i am truly blessed. this is j trimming his own little tree in his room.}

{signing the all-important adoption paperwork. one step closer to being official, people!}

and you…the blogging community. you are generally a quiet bunch, but i know that you’re out there. my sitemeter tells me you are reading from ALL OVER THE WORLD. i am amazed and grateful for you. if you could just say hi sometime this month i would love it!

i hope this holiday season is a joyous, blessed one for you! i’ve been learning a lot recently that has been adding to my appreciation of the season. i’ll share more later…

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{a bit} from the weekend.



we’ve been having very weird cali weather: very foggy, kind of chilly in the morning, then uncomfortably warm afternoons. we are practicing the fine art of layering. nothing too exciting happened this weekend. halloween decorating, cupcake making, general housekeeping and that sort of thing. luckily, the afternoon light made for a perfect time to do my photography homework. it may not seem like much, but i learned to shoot in manual this week.  


oh yeah, since j is my recent friday night date (football season takes away husband, you know), his request was to buy pumpkins, which prompted the halloween decorating. too early???

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{bits from} the weekend.

IMG_4871 {bruno}

after i make our bed, a certain someone is quick to find his place on my freshly-smoothed pillows.

i am a firm believer in making one’s bed. the whole room could be a mess, but if you make the bed the room is “clean” , no?



on saturday did a lot of lounging around, catching up on magazines, while the boys did this…


it’s VERY tiring watching 3 boys run  around.

sunday was full of completing the “to do” list. mission accomplished. a very good weekend. here’s to a productive week!



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happy news in the family.



{via le love}

unbelievable that this little girl is now going to be married…


congratulations to kristen (my cousin) and caleb, who just got engaged! so happy for you both!

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taking it one moment at a time.



{via around the bend}

i saved this image some time ago and thank goodness, because yesterday i definitely needed to hear this from somewhere. work was great, my classes are well-behaved, hard-working, and all-around good kids. my own kid, however, was a jumble of moods, happy, then mad, then sad. i was at a loss as to what to do, for none of the usual tricks worked, and ended up putting myself in a time-out. i found myself yelling a lot, and i can’t stand  being that kind of a parent. my heart goes out to single parents. i don’t know how they do this day in, day out, but with a being gone A LOT due to football coaching, i have even more respect for the job these parents do (and this is coming from someone who grew up with a single parent). so…today is a new day. and we will start over and do our best.

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