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thrifting…and does my butt look 4% smaller?

we hit up the thrift store last week and woo-hoo everything was 60% off!

j found a helicopter and some balls. andrew found some dominoes. and i scored some cool shades and a blue blazer. all in all we walked out with all our stuff for under $10.

i took a picture of the blazer and then quickly noticed that my 10 extra lbs. are showing up. i played around with photoshop and found an action that’s called “4% thinner”. does my butt look 4% smaller?




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casual friday.

pencil skirt

i don’t know about you, but i could totally dress from the j. crew catalog. years ago i decided that my go-to outfit for work would be a dress. you don’t have to worry about matching anything, and it’s easy to pull on in a pinch. this year i invested in a couple of pencil skirts and cardigans from j. crew, my so-called “uniform”.

we have a very lax dress code at work (read: none at all) and you’d be surprised at what some teachers wear. we are talking jeans and flip flops, EVERY DAY, and others who look, for lack of a better word, unkempt. i’ve done it myself after seeing others do it, after dealing with one of  THOSE mornings, so no judgment here (ok a little). i believe in casual fridays, but some get away with casual monday through friday, and it doesn’t help with garnering any respect for our profession.  okay, so i’m sure i’ve angered a few of you teachers out there, but what about you non-teachers? without being too critical, what do you think is acceptable dress for teachers?

do email or comment. i’d love to hear.


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things that delight me.

next big purchase in the red house is a new couch. we are OVER our couches, although they’ve been very, very good to us.


i am really digging on the white vinyl couch from trick my brick. with 4 dogs and 1 kid i would love a couch that i just wipe clean. if you live in the greater los angeles or orange county area and see a couch with these lines about to be trashed, hey, shoot me an email. : )


this light from door sixteen. that light it casts is just gorgeous, no?


these pretties from inglenook decor, a shop i first spotted on twoellie.





not only that, but maureen’s blog is full of fabulous decorating advice. just my style, in her words, “the charm of a french cottage and the fresh feel of an urban loft”. ummmm. yes!

and anthropologie is killing me with their enticing emails…


{zinnia dress…sadly not on my back-to-school list since i can’t justify the price}


{i love the cap sleeves and the fluidity of this one}


{moulinette soeurs dress}


{fey grove dress…also can’t justify although i love}


{inky quills dress}

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things that delight me.

ooohhh. this purse from pansy maiden  . it is roomy enough to hold my daily essentials {we’re talkin’ wallet, cell phone, matchbox cars, crayons}.


{from pansy maiden via plumtreestudio}

this cheese tray (sold) via mid-century modernist, and other cool stuff at the calloohcallay etsy shop.


this pendant light made out of a basket by paula at two ellie. she is so creative.


yet another “beach house” that i’m coveting, via apartment therapy. this one’s in the u.k. and it’s solar-powered!





and 9 simple ways to make your child feel special, via babycenter. among my favorites: creating little morning moments (definitely easier when one is off for the summer) and paying attention to the little things.


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contradictions? a new swimsuit and a good cookie recipe.


with an upcoming trip to hawaii planned, i thought a new bathing suit was in order. i’m a tad nervous about ordering one online, but the benefit is that i can try it on at home! (and it was 50% off!) it’s very retro, and somewhat high-waisted, so i’m not feeling any pressure this year about eating my occasional summer dessert.

so, with that said, here is a great cookie recipe i tried from cooking light. it’s a banana-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookie. it was almost muffin-like in its texture, and a big hit with the boys in this house. what i love is that it cuts back on the sugar and butter.



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things that delight me.



a week before the 4th of july moroccan party. love it! via nonchalant mom.





surf lodge room


surf lodge room 2

surf lodge deck

the surf lodge in montauk, new york. i soooo want to go there. (featured in coastal living)


peach sangria, also featured in coastal living.


these gorgeous weekend bags by rising tide fair trade, spotted in o magazine. beautiful, but best of all, good for “people and the planet”!


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i love a good buy.

i love fashion, but can i afford the “good stuff”? not really. i’m a teacher, remember? so let’s just say that i am not a snob when it comes to shopping. if i like it, and it’s affordable, and if i’ll use it, wear it, or eat it, i’ll buy it. yes, i have been curbing my spending, and trying very hard not to buy non-essentials, but it is sure hard to resist a good deal.

my go-to outfit in the summer is a dress. it’s light, non-restricting, and easy. when i headed into k*mart yesterday for detergent, i saw these:

kmart buys

the dress was $9.99, and the jacket rang up for $5.40. could you walk away? i think not. now i have been trying very hard to incorporate some color into a largely black and neutral wardrobe, and this fit the bill. but i did buy the dress in black, too. i know, i know. i have been trying to buy more quality things that last longer, but i will wear the heck out of these this summer. believe me.

so i wore it to lunch today.

and i don’t regret it.

perfect summer dress for miami, no? wait, miami you ask? yes, today while lunching here (on some very good, very unhealthy food), they were filming dexter. but…no dexter morgan sightings, darn it. just a bunch of trucks.


July09download 084

July09download 087

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