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thrifting…and does my butt look 4% smaller?

we hit up the thrift store last week and woo-hoo everything was 60% off!

j found a helicopter and some balls. andrew found some dominoes. and i scored some cool shades and a blue blazer. all in all we walked out with all our stuff for under $10.

i took a picture of the blazer and then quickly noticed that my 10 extra lbs. are showing up. i played around with photoshop and found an action that’s called “4% thinner”. does my butt look 4% smaller?




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start a revolution in gift-giving.

“we can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.”-gloria steinem

this quotation hit me hard, guys. i have a complicated relationship with stuff. it’s a constant struggle of godliness vs. worldliness. i’m starting small. i looked at the non-essential things i spend my money on, things like movie rentals, mani/pedis, and magazines (i have a mild addiction to magazines). i am cutting down on these things so that i can sponsor a child through tumaini. it’s such a small sacrifice to give.  donating to this or another like organization is also a great idea for a christmas gift.

and while we’re on the topic. want to give something more? buy fair trade gifts that are unique and helpful for something truly in need. see trade as one. i have a feeling that santa is bringing me a few things from this organization…

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a boo and a yay.

boo. i can’t afford the looks i love at heidi merrick, even at half off. but i love to peruse the sight for inspiration.





yay! i found a heidi merrick skirt at target in a beautiful ikat print just like the one above. can i justify another skirt purchase???



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things that delight me.



this monogram wreath project from design*sponge. and it’s my initial! i’m so doing this.


record player and albums in neryl walker’s home, also via design*sponge. i could kick myself for getting rid of mine.


framed hearts via madebygirl.


new dog bed duvets. ours are from molly mutt. i found them via madebygirl. if you order by tomorrow (sorry for the late notice) check out the coupon code here for a 10% discount. i can’t say enough about these. you just fill them up with old clothing, sheets, etc. and you’re good to go. very environmentally friendly!


 this diy wreath at the cb2 blog.

stella mccartney

and last, but not least. stella mccartney’s new line of children’s clothing for the gap. love, love, love.

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things that delight me.


{moving on via i can read}


{i want this in my home, via uncharted odyssey}






{elisa carlucci home via design*sponge}


{this outfit from anthropologie. oh, i love everything about it}


{my mustard purse. i love you. you hold diapers, wipes, wallet, cars, crayons, and my big camera. and do it well.}


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thrifty finds.

september was a great thrifting month!

baby clothes for mikayla. $2 each.



table, use and color to be not yet determined, but for now serving as our cat’s meal table. $15.00.


velvet blazer. it satisfied my need for this j. crew blazer. $0.99


vintage tablecloth. $23.00.


vintage pyrex bowls. $8.95 for 2.


and folks, that’s all i have for you. this weekend was extremely mellow, yet not. i spent it running through a to-do list, and not everything even got done. don’t you hate that? i need one extra day on the weekend, i swear. have a great week!

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i need a girl BAD. {and some bad news}


my friend miranda nicole is pregnant with a little girl, so, yay for me! i can now indulge all my needs to buy little girl clothes. i bought this adorable onesie from plum tree studio. thanks, dana!


unfortunately, dana was also the bearer of bad news for me. cookie magazine is now a goner, too. THEN, while searching for the info as to why, i learned that another one of my favorites, gourmet magazine, is also closing. why, oh why, do my favorite mags have to go under???


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