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oh happy day!







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pins and needles.






who will it be?

can’t wait until it’s over so my stomach can settle.

no matter what, i am proud to be an american.


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wait.think.vote.i am mad today.



those who know me know i have political affiliations, but do not like to talk about them. i do not judge others for how they vote, but i am tired of being angry all the time because of how others judge me for my choices in politics. i’m tired of hearing how i’m voting for someone only because he is this or this. blah, blah, blah. i researched and read. i thought carefully. and now, for me, it is a very clear choice (especially after last night’s debate).

in a previous post i mentioned that someone stole a lawn sign displaying who my choice is. today i discovered that someone put stickers all over another sign posted on our arbor. my blood boiled. little do they know i have 10 more signs, so i removed the stickers and placed three more in the windows. ha.

whoever YOUR choice is, please make A choice. i teach a small unit on the suffrage movement, and i always tell my students how disrespectful it is NOT to vote. people went through so much to give us that right, so make your voice heard. if you haven’t yet registered, there might still be time. check rock the vote. i won’t judge you…

 just don’t mess with my signs. : )

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